Saturday, October 17, 2009

Good Peeping Weather

Thanks to Tom Clark for sending in this weather video from Pennsylvania where a winter storm gripped central parts of state late this week. Heavy snow fell Thursday and Friday causing widespread damage and power outages. State College, PA saw nearly 5 inches of snow. This was a noteworthy storm because it came very early in the season and many of the trees still had leaves on them. The extra weight of the snow caused tree branches and limbs to break, which fell on power lines. The reason for telling you about Pennsylvania weather (there is a reason after all) is because the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team takes on the Nittany Lions of Penn State at 2:30pm CDT Saturday. Whether you root for the Huskies, gophers or any other team, it's interesting to think that a winter storm may have an impact on the outcome of the game. A Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect for the game, which will be held at an open air stadium. Inclement weather will begin to wrap up over the area this weekend.

MN Fall Color Update:

The MN DNR has updated the fall color map and fall colors are now peaking across much of the state, some are even past peak. This will be a great weekend to take a drive and check it out. Keep in mind that the fall colors won't be as brilliant as they were in recent years due to the unusual fall, but there will still be some beautiful spots out there. If you decide to make the peeping trip, the weather will cooperate. Sunshine and milder temperatures will help to coax you out the front door, even with the R2D2 virus (Swine Flu) lurking out there somewhere. Stay healthy and have a good weekend!

Todd's Outlook for the Twin Cities

Today: Brighter and warmer: High near 47

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low: 35

Sunday: Sunny, even warmer. High 58

Monday: Slight rain chance late: High 57

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy, sprinkles. High 52

Wednesday: Continued spotty shower chance, what's new? High: 49

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