Friday, October 23, 2009

Hibernating in October

I feel a little strange, like a bear... ready to take a long nap. Throw me some comfort food and I'll be out. This cloudy, cool and wet weather is really something isn't it. It won't quit. I've been able to get most of the outdoor chores down around the house with the exception of a few, so if you're like me and you need to winterize things before it gets too late, today might be a good day to do it. The rain/snow/snizzle mix that we had yesterday has come to an end and few peeks of sunshine today will help to dry things out a bit before the next weather maker slides in tomorrow. The water vapor satellite image shown below illustrates the storm systems well. Each blotch of purple and blue is a storm system, which is riding the jet stream (strong upper level winds) eastward. The water vapor satellite tells us how much moisture is in the atmosphere, so where there is white, purple and blue, the atmosphere is moist; perhaps sufficient moisture for the presence of hydrometeors (any water or ice particle that has formed in the atmosphere). Where there is black, orange and red colors, the atmosphere is dry. Notice the slice of gray/black coloring that is seen across the Red River Valley between the two blobs of purple and blue. This darker shade of coloring indicates a brief drying of the atmosphere and hopefully enough drying at all levels of the atmosphere, so that we may be able to enjoy some sunshine.

Whatever sunshine we do see, won't last long, another storm system is quickly approaching and will be with us again tonight/tomorrow. Scattered light rain/snow showers will be found across parts of the state with the best chance of light snow possible in central and northern Minnesota. This storm is a pipsqueak compared to the monster that may wind up somewhere in the mid-section of the country next week. Take a look below:

No telling where exactly this storm may be in a weeks time or so, but more heavy rain/snow could be possible with this storm. I'll keep peering into the crystal ball, in the meantime, enjoy the weekend... we deserve it!

Todd's Outlook for the Twin Cities

Today: Partly cloudy, better day of the weekend. High: 51

Tonight: Becoming mostly cloudy with scattered rain developing. Low: 40

Sunday: Cloudy with a few hours of cold light rain showers. High: 49

Monday: Autumn-like. Lingering sprinkles. High: 49

Tuesday: Slight chance of a spotty shower. High: 50

Wednesday: Unsettled. Sprinkles possible again. High: 48

Halloween Outlook: Mostly cloudy and chilly with a few sprinkles or flurries. High: 39 (Trick or Treat temperatures may be near freezing). Plan on a few extra layers under your kid's costumes - I have a feeling you're going to need them this year.

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