Friday, November 6, 2009

Best in a Month - Next Best Until March?

This is one of those days when you're going to want to stop and smell the roses or stop and smell the freshly brewed coffee. Stop for one second, step outside for a short moment and enjoy the quickly fading sunshine and mild weather. Today will be the best day we've seen in nearly a month (October 7th the KMSP Airport recorded 64 degrees) and may, perhaps, be the best day until March sometime. Last cool/cold season, our last 60+ degree day was November 6th and we didn't see another 60+ degree day until March 16, a span of nearly 4 months... One of my favorite artists,Terry Redlin, has a print called Indian Summer that looks just about as beautiful as it will be out there today:

Steady Temperature Decline

Take a look at the numbers in the red circles below. This is a quick look at the high temperature trend over the next several days and note the steady decline. Another note, our average high temperature by the end of November drops to 32 degrees with a total around 9 hours of daylight, which is nearly cut in half from the longest days of the year back in June/July.

Todd's Outlook for the Twin Cities

Today: (nicer day of the weekend). Plenty of sun, milder than average. High: 62

Tonight: Increasing clouds, still mild. Low: 41

Sunday: Sunny start, then increasing clouds. Light rain possible late High: near 57

Sunday night: Cloudy with a little light rain. Low: 43

Monday: Turning windy and cooler. Decreasing clouds through the day. High: 53

Tuesday: Partly cloudy, less wind. High: 51

Wednesday: Partly cloudy, still dry. High: 52

Thursday: Mostly cloudy, chance of a few showers - chilly. High: 48

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