Sunday, February 14, 2010

Presidents' Day Gold Medal Forecast

I feel like a bump on a log lately, sitting on the couch for countless hours while I watch some of the most amazing athletes in the 2010 Olympic Games do incredible things. I think the thing that impresses me the most about the games is that there seems to be more Olympic Records and World Records set every year! how do they do it? Take a look at the athletes. They get bigger, faster and stronger every year. The gear the athletes use and wear gets better every year and the facilities/course conditions for various sports tends to stay at optimal levels for a longer periods of time. The variability between each heat and racer is minimized, so that everyone has a chance to perform under 'perfect' conditions. Just think about how much the Olympics Games have changed in years past, no wonder why, eh!

From the touching stories of the athletes to the medal ceremonies to the endless amounts of media coverage, you really can't help but enjoy the games for what they stand for. I'm finding myself even enjoying the 'not so typical' events. The events that I am really looking forward too, though, are the hockey games, both men and women. The men's hockey should be a real treat to watch because most of the players are in the NHL. It'll be like watching the All-Star Game each time the puck drops!

OK - OK - enough about the games, how about this weather. There's nothing too exciting about it really, but that light snow should be just enough to make the morning commute and afternoon commute a little hairy. The morning commute will likely out weight the two, so plan accordingly. You may, however, notice a few less cars on the road today due to it being Presidents' Day. That may help the situation out a little. In the meantime, here's how much storm total snowfall to expect from yesterday through today:

Gusty winds will keep the blowing/drifting snow and wind chill factors in play today, but tomorrow is going to be much quieter. In fact, It'll feel quite a bit warmer tomorrow and through the rest of the week as winds subside and temperatures crawl back to near normal levels. There may be a little light flurry activity by midweek, but it doesn't look like an issue at this point. You'll be able to focus on the tasks at hand this week with little distraction from the local weather. I predict that you'll also hear less and less about the recent "Snowpocalypse" from meteorologists as the dust continues to settle and we all begin taking our medication again. Yes, it's true that meteorologists can get a little carried away when talking about the weather sometimes, but like a kid in a candy shop, it's hard to resist the temptation when storms get loaded and bloated with all the right stuff. I'm still searching the extended models for the next big warm up or Arctic outbreak... still nothing yet. Have a good Monday.

Todd's Outlook for the Twin Cities

Monday (Presidents' Day): Lingering light snow early, still breezy. High: 25

Monday Night: Becoming partly cloudy and not as breezy. Low: 12

Tuesday: Mostly sunny, feeling warmer. High: 27

Wednesday: Mix of clouds and sun, a flurry or two possible. High: 28

Thursday: Partly cloudy. High: 29

Friday: Partly cloudy. High: 25

Saturday: partly cloudy. A couple of flakes possible. High: 25

Sunday: Mostly sunny and quiet. High: 24

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