Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fools Daze

* 76 on Wednesday, well above the average high of 49, 30 degrees warmer than March 31, 2009.

* Latest NAM weather model prints out .68" rain from Friday PM hours into Saturday morning.

* Sunday still appears to be the drier (nicer) day of the weekend with a chance of some sunshine.

* Light jackets return this weekend - highs in the 50s.

* More rain next Monday night - showery rains linger into the middle of next week.

* More 60s possible by Saturday/Sunday, April 10-11, no arctic relapses in sight


* Tornado Train. Which is stronger, a tornado or a freight train? You may be surprised at the answer. For one of the more remarkable clips of video you'll ever see - a close encounter of the tornadic kind - click here.

Wednesday Almanac. 76 in the Twin Cities, 77 at Rochester, patchy high clouds kept St. Cloud a bit cooler with a high of 68. More like late May across much of Minnesota.

Friday Puddles? The latest NAM model is printing out .68" of rain from late Friday through midday Saturday. Lately the models have been overestimating the amount of rain, I'm thinking final rainfall amounts may be closer to .25 to .50". But plan on a wet start Saturday morning, have a Plan B (indoors) at least the first half of the day. Sunday should be better, drier, as winds blow from the west, highs holding in the 50s. The next chance of rain: Monday night into Tuesday of next week.

Eye of the Storm. The stalled storm responsible for 10" of rain in the suburbs of Providence, Rhode Island, shows up on the Wednesday PM visible satellite image. Dry air has wrapped all the way around the storm circulation into the center of low pressure. It's not a traditional "eye", like that found in a tropical hurricane, but it is evidence of just how intense this area of low pressure was - 5"+ of rain for New York and Boston. They're calling it a 1 in 100 year flood for much of New England. Computer models predicted that the storm would push out to sea. The reality? The storm stalled off the coast of Long Island, prolonging a fetch of moisture off the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in 3 month's worth of rain in roughly 3 days for parts of the northeast.

Obligatory Cute Animal Photo. Note to self: polar bears, however cute and cuddly when they're tiny, do NOT make good pets. Check out a "Polar Bear Odyssey" from the Environmental Defense Fund by clicking here.

Paul's Conservation MN Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota

Today: Partly sunny, breezy and warm - last lukewarm day for a while. Winds: SE 10-20. High: 76

Tonight: Clouds increase, rain possible late. Low: 57

Friday: Cooler, cloudier with periods of rain. High: 63

Saturday: Rain tapers by midday, clouds linger, cool and damp. High: 55

Sunday: Nicer day, becoming partly sunny. High: 59

Monday: Increasing clouds, more rain possible late. High: 58

Tuesday: Rain possible, damp wind. High: 55

Wednesday: Isolated shower, partial clearing, drying out. High: 57

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