Saturday, March 13, 2010

Soggy, Dreary Skies. When Will it End?

Feeling a little funky? Me too. This gray, damp, dreary weather is hard to shake/take. I've had a number of people ask me: "When are we going to see some sunshine". If you're wondering why you and your neighbors/co-workers are dragging their feet a little, keep in mind that today will be the 7th consecutive cloudy day. There doesn't seem to be a lot of color out there these days. The snow is pretty much all gone or is a dark shade of crusty brown. There are no leaves on the trees, the roads are a dirty mud color and the low slate-gray clouds makes your favorite city landmark look a little depressing. Look on the bright side, we've managed to take care most of the snow. The current snow depth 'officially' at the Twin Cities International Airport on Saturday 0.00" - that's the first time this season! Of course, that's not all good news. The recent, rapid, snow melt and moderate rain showers have brought the threat of flooding to local rivers and streams. Here are the latest flood headlines:

I took a little road trip to check out the high water situation in my 'neck of the woods' - Here's some weather video of the Crow River near St. Michael and Dayton. This video was taken on Thursday as the warnings were just being issued. It's going to take a while for the excess water (rain and snow melt) to get into the system (rivers and streams), but once it does, we may see localized problem areas. Be aware if you live in a flood prone location.

Were You Late Today?
If you forgot to set those clocks ahead one hour before heading to bed last night, you may have found yourself late to any appointments you had today. You'll really notice the time change coming back home from work and setting the table for dinner tomorrow. Don't be surprised if you see your electricity bill come down a few bucks as our dependency on lightning dwindles with the increased daylight in the evenings. We'll gain nearly 2 minutes of daylight each evening through the rest of the month and into April!

Where's the Sun?
I predict that by midweek the sun will have found it's way back into a sky near you! Now that we've lost most of our snow, the suns' energy can go into warming the atmosphere rather than melting the snow. We should be able to see our first 50 degree reading of the year by Wednesday (last time we were in the 50's was back on November 23rd). SHORT AND T-SHIRT ALERT!! Minnesotans have an uncanny way of breaking out those summer clothes in temperature readings that are suitable for Floridians to wear parkas and winter boots. Spring fever will make a return to Minnesota neighborhoods by midweek, enjoy!

Todd's Conservation MN Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota

Sunday: Gray and soggy with a little drizzle. High: 49

Tonight: Mostly cloudy, maybe a little fog by morning. Low: 37

Monday: Mostly cloudy with a sprinkle? High: 49

Tuesday: More clouds than sun, slight chance of a shower or sprinkle. High: near 49

Wednesday: Partly cloudy, definite hints of spring. High: 52

Thursday: Intervals of sun, spring fever alert. High: 53

Friday: Cloudy with light rain developing. High: 46

Saturday/Sunday (March 20-21): Rain changing to wet snow, potential for a few inches of wet, slushy snow by Sunday.

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