Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Transition Day

Todd's Conservation Minnesota Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota

Wednesday: Still warm and humid with some isolated showers and storms. High: 87

Wednesday Night: Spotty showers and storms lingering early, then clearing. Low: 65

Thursday: Mostly sunny, low humidity and comfortable. High: 83

Friday: Looking dry and pleasant. High: 85

Saturday: Heating up. Warmer with more humidity and a chance of PM showers and storms. High: 87

Sunday: Very warm and sticky with more PM thundershowers. High: 90

Monday: Lingering showers early, then clearing. High: 86

Tuesday: Mostly dry, still mild. High: Mid 80s

One More Sticky Day

Is it hot enough for ya? Yes, Todd, it is. WHEW, what a steamy day yesterday. It's tough enough sweating the recent Favre news, I don't want to have to sweat through another sticky summer day. Good news, there is relief in sight! Though, we do have to make it through one more uncomfortable day together. Heat indices today will be in the 90s as dew points, the measure of moisture in the air, struggle to fall through the 60s.

The unofficial Minnesota muggy meter keeps us in the uncomfortable zone today, but dials down to the comfy category on Thursday when dew points finally settle into the 50s. My thinking is that Thursday will be the banner day of the week with worry free sunshine. Our honeymoon will be short-lived, unfortunately, as the heat and humidity quickly returns Saturday. The upper level winds, will again bubble northward, sending a second wave of sweaty stuff our way by weeks end. Scattered thundershowers will accompany the weekend weather, but should be confined to late day stuff.

My prediction; you will likely find the nearest lake, pool or watering hole, seeking relief, but soaking up a summer that is already half gone. Have a good Wednesday - Todd Nelson

Near Record Dew Points This Summer

La Crosse, Wisconsin and Rochester, Minnesota are near record dew point this summer season. Through the end of July La Crosse had taken the top spot in its climatological history and ochester moved into the 2nd most humid summer season on record. See more here:

Aurora Alert

A series of storms on the sun is hurling charged particles towards Earth. Dwellers in northern latitudes should be on the lookout for northern lights over the next few night. Try to get away from the ambient light of the city and look north. I hope it's a good show!

Interesting Links

Northern lights forecast from the Geophysical Institute from the University of Alaska Fairbanks:


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