Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Like a Switch

Todd's Conservation MN Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota:

Thursday: Increasing clouds. Becoming partly sunny with a chance of a shower or isolated storm later in the day. High: 70

Thursday Night: Stray shower or storm possible, otherwise partly to mostly cloudy. Low: 55

Friday: Gray, better chance of a storm or light rain shower. High: near 71

Saturday: Cloudy start with lingering showers. Slow clearing by afternoon. High: 70

Sunday: Better day of the weekend! Perhaps a late day shower or storm, otherwise dry with a mix of clouds and sunshine, lukewarm and pleasant. High: 73

Monday: Partly sunny - probably dry. High: 73

Tuesday: Still quiet, temperatures close to average. Intervals of sunshine, cooler. High: 66

Wednesday: Looking dry. High: Mid to upper 60s

Like a Switch

Isn't it amazing how fast the weather can change? I am always fascinated by how quickly we can go from the sultry, sweaty 90's with high dew points, wearing nothing but shorts and tank tops to the chilly 60s/70s dragging out the jeans and sweatshirts in no time at all. This is a unique time of the year. Daylight hours are dwindling fast here in Minnesota - we are losing almost 3 minutes of daylight each day as the sun's most direct rays near the equator. In two very short weeks, the sun's rays will indeed pass over the equator on it's way into the southern hemisphere. This day is called the Autumnal Equinox and is considered the official first day of fall for us here in the northern hemisphere. You may be noticing some of the trees in your backyard or neighborhood already starting to show a few of those fall colors. Sure, it might be a bit early, but the average peak color across northern Minnesota is late September.

The MN DNR has a wonderful website that is updated regularly with the latest fall color report. You can also submit your own photos of what's happening near you - check it out:

Here's the latest fall color report:

One of my favorite spots to view fall colors has to be Oberg Mountain along Minnesota's North Shore. What a view! This is a picture of my lovely wife, Sheena, and I at one of the scenic overlooks there (we will be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary this Friday). Oberg Mountain Loop is a relatively easy hike with a lot of wonderful views looking over Lake Superior and inland. Interestingly, the inland locations get bright orange and red from all the Maples there, but spots closer to the lake turn more yellow from all the birch and aspen. I highly recommend this spot if you ever get a chance to the fall color tour along Minnesota's North Shore.

Next Rain Chance

A combination of tropical moisture and Pacific Moisture will wring itself out over the Mississippi River Valley over the next few days, but the heaviest moisture appears to stay south in the Mid-Mississippi Valley through the early Weekend.

Interesting, the blob of higher rainfall amount in those locations will be in association with the remnants of Tropical Storm HERMINE, which has already caused some major flooding across parts of Texas. Radar rain estimates just north of Austin, TX earlier this week showed as much as 10" to 15" of rain:

This was the scene in parts of central Texas after the recent heavy rains:

Closer to Home

There will be some showers and storms out there Thursday, but our best chance of rain and thunder slides in later Friday/early Saturday.

The upcoming weekend doesn't look all that bad. It may start off a little gray and soggy, but we should have mostly dry and comfortable conditions for a majority of the days. We'll keep an eye on things, in the meantime... have a good Thursday - Todd Nelson

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