Friday, December 17, 2010

Large Pacific Storm

Todd's Conservation MN Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota
SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy with occasional flurries. High: 15
SATURDAY NIGHT: A few stray flurries, nothing special. Low: 2

SUNDAY: Maybe a few flakes early. Clouds break a bit by afternoon, still chilly. High: 15

MONDAY: Mostly cloudy with a growing potential of some snow accumulations south. High: 20
TUESDAY: Last day of fall! Didn't winter start a long time ago? Snow tapers through the day. High: 24

WEDNESDAY: Winter Solstice arrives at 5:38pm. It's OFFICIALLY winter!! More, clouds and another chance of snow. High: Mid 20s

THURSDAY: Christmas EVE EVE looking like a partly snowy travel day. Still a fairly high uncertainty level on that snow potential, stay tuned. High: Mid 20s

FRIDAY: Light snow chance. Slightly warmer than it has been. High: Upper 20s

Snow Chances Continue

Every once in a while, we'll get stuck in an unsettled weather pattern where precipitation chances, although light, continue just about everyday. This type of  weather pattern can be especially difficult to grunt through during the spring and fall months when low, gray clouds, continuously spit out cold rain and drizzle. It can also be a little rough on the psyche during the colder winter months when even dimmer sunshine is couple with the shorter days. We are currently in one of those weather patterns, but the good news is that we won't have to worry about being cold and damp.

Precipitation will stay in the form of all snow, but may fall nearly every day through the next several days. Most days we may only see flurries or light snow, but there may also be a couple of chances of heavier snow into next week.

A large Pacific storm will be dumping nearly 3 to 6 feet of snow through the Sierra Nevada this weekend and buffeting the peaks of the central California mountains with nearly 100mph wind gusts. We are going to see leftovers from this system and depending on how things play out or how those impulses fair over the Rockies, we may have some more light shoveling to do... stay tuned.

Developing Monday Storm??
Monday is turning out to be a day to watch for accumulating snow. As of now, the bulk of the moisture is going to be to our south, but any kick north or south with dictate how much snow we get. IMPACT: Again, this is a developing storm... something to watch... our Monday evening and Tuesday morning commute could be slower.

Have a good Saturday - Todd Nelson

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