Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Arctic punch

Todd's Conservation Minnesota Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota: 

SUNDAY: A little light snow, up to an inch possible. High: near 28

SUNDAY NIGHT: Lingering light snow showers, light accumulations. Low: 8

MONDAY: Flurries taper, turning breezy and much colder. High: 10

TUESDAY: Bitter AM wind chills, more sunshine. Low: -10. High: 7

WEDNESDAY: A few passing clouds, still cold. Low: -8. High: 9

THURSDAY: Reinforcing cold front, nippy. Low: -8. High: 8

FRIDAY: Clouds increase, light wintry mix possible north. Slightly warmer. Low: -4. High: 18
SATURDAY: Partly cloudy, a chance to thaw out of a change. Low: 12. High: Near 30

Supercell Deprivation Syndrome

Staring out the window at all the hefty snow piles, it is almost hard to imagine our wintry landscape without any snow at this point. All the winter enthusiasts are sure having a blast this year on the slopes and on the trails with over 40" of natural snow so far this season, nearly 1ft. above normal. I, too, am a big fan of the winter weather, but with each passing day, I get a bigger itch to put the boat in the water or chase towering cumulonimbus clouds off in the distance.
Supercell Deprivation Syndrome or SDS -  is a syndrome that weather enthusiasts/storm chasers get during the winter months described and highlighted by below. You can read more HERE:

"We have concluded that SDS is usually seasonal coinciding with the winter months increasing in severity in February and up into March with a marked decrease between March and June with few if any cases noted. We believe this to be a remission stage in the cyclic nature of SDS. However, with the exception of 1997 Memorial Day weekend, we noticed a dramatic increase in cases and severity this past year through the spring, summer and early parts of fall. This is alarming in the sense that winter is approaching which will only increase the effects.....fuel to a raging fire (we may have to make another graph). We may have yet to see the most extreme cases of SDS as it is possible to see epidemic proportions."

Yes, it has been a long winter and we'll be tested yet again this week with another reinforcing shot of Arctic air, which will sweep across the Upper Midwest Monday and linger through the week. Icy sunshine will be prominent, but daytime highs will struggle to settle into the teens and overnight lows will dip into the sub-zero range with AM wind chills cold enough to prompt wind chill headlines, especially Tuesday morning.
Cold Blast Starting Monday
Good news, I have a feeling that this cold stuff is running out of gusto. Sure, it'll probably get cold again a few more times this winter, but as we head deeper into February and March, the cold snaps tend not to be as cold or last quite as long.
I think you'll enjoy the upcoming weekend weather... we'll get a chance to thaw out again as temperatures slide back into the 30s! Have a good Sunday - Todd Nelson

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