Saturday, March 19, 2011

Soggy Start to Spring

Todd's Conservation Minnesota Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota: 

SUNDAY: SPRING BEGINS at 6:21pm. Mostly cloudy with rain showers. Isolated afternoon rumble of thunder? Up to another 0.25" of rain possible. Winds: SE turning WSW late 10-15mph. High:52 

SUNDAY NIGHT: A few lingering showers. Low: 37

MONDAY: Damp start, then clearing. Mix of sun and clouds through the day with a cool north, northeast breeze developing. Winds: NE 10-15mph. High:51

TUESDAY: Rain/snow mix early, then changing to snow. Turning much cooler. Low: 34. High: 43

WEDNESDAY: Much colder with snow. Accumulations possible, especially through central and northern Minnesota. Low:26. High:34

THURSDAY: Lingering flurries early, then turning partly cloudy. Still cold. Low: 20. High: 36.

FRIDAY: Looks dry and chilly with a few passing clouds. Low: 18. High: 38 

SATURDAY: Dry start with increasing pm clouds, light rain/snow mix developing across southern Minnesota. Low: 18. High:37

Photo Courtesy - Lee Huffman - A transplant from Atlanta, GA - Lee is finally acting 'Minnesotan' by getting excited to see bare ground since being covered with snow since November - Congrats Lee, you survived another one! :)

At 6:21pm today, the sun's most direct rays will pass over the Equator on its way into the Northern Hemisphere, signifying the start to spring! The Equinox also marks the date at which most locations on Earth have a sunrise and sunset nearly 12 hours apart.

Equinox - Nearly 12 Hours Between Sunrise and Sunset

Vernal Equinox (Spring for Northern Hemisphere) - Days Get Longer as we Near the Summer Solstice on June 21st, 2011

I wish I had better news to spread about today's momentous occasion, unfortunately, spring this year will ring in on a soggy note with, perhaps, a few rumbles of thunder across southern Minnesota.

Rain Chance Sunday - Note the Rain Blob over Southeast Minnesota - Thunder Possible There
Sunday Precipitation Accumulation - Note the Near 0.50" Where Thunder May Be Possible 
 Rain is something folks along rivers don't want to hear about right now as flood concerns continue. Any additional atmospheric moisture at this point will only aggravate the situation even more. Many locations will be at or above flood stage in the coming days with a slow to moderate rise in river levels downstream through the end of the month.

Flood Warnings Continue - Mississippi River @ Hastings Now Added

48 Hour River Gauge Forecast Has 8 Locations in Flood Stage

Minor Flood is Forecast by Thursday Night - Lilydale Park Begins to Flood
Moderate Flood is Forecast by Friday Night 

There's a brief break in the action tomorrow before our next system sneaks in, this time sucking in cooler air from the north. Tuesday appears to be another soggy day, with a rain/snow mix developing, turning to all snow by Wednesday. Some in central and northern Minnesota may see 'heavier' snow accumulations, stay tuned! I have a feeling winter isn't done just yet - have a good Sunday - Todd Nelson

Next Storm Tuesday & Wednesday
Rain/Snow Mix Starts Tuesday
Snow Wraps Up Wednesday

An Early Glance at Snow Totals

New Footage - Japanese Tsunami Strikes at sea

New footage of the Japanese tsunami's waves has been released by the country's coast guard.
Filmed 5 km (3 miles) off the north-eastern coast of Japan, the images show the waves rolling towards a the Matsushima coast guard vessel. The captain steers the boat directly into the waves and the ship crests the enormous swell.
Footage courtesy of the Japanese Coast Guard


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