Sunday, June 12, 2011

Unsettled Week Ahead

Todd's Conservation Minnesota Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota:

MONDAY: More clouds, T-storm late? Breezy. High: 76

MONDAY NIGHT: Isolated shower or storm. Low: 59

TUESDAY: Humid, more numerous T-storms. High: 75

WEDNESDAY: Front stalls, scattered storms. Low: 60. High: 76

THURSDAY: A bit drier, still warm. Low: 61. High: 79

FRIDAY: Clouds increase, late rain - few T-storms possible. Low: 61. High: 81

SATURDAY: Hazy sun, a few PM storms. Low: 64. High: 81
SUNDAY:   Still warm and unsettled, chance of an isolated afternoon shower or storm. Low: 64. High: 82.

Photo Courtesy Rich Koivisto From Duluth, MN
Raging Wildfires in Arizona vaulted plumes of smoke high into the atmosphere last week as far north as the Great Lakes. Brilliant orange and reddish sunsets were seen near sunset here. Although the Arizona wildfires continue, the strong upper level winds have switched from southwest to more of a "Zonal Flow" - this is keeping the heaviest 'smoke' well south of us.

Unsettled Week of Weather

The strong upper level winds are coming in from more of a westerly direction, more "Zonal" which will keep our weather this week active. Storm systems will ride the upper level winds eastwards towards the Great Lakes Region. These systems will drag fronts through Minnesota and Wisconsin with scattered showers and storms popping up in the afternoon and evening hours.

Monday Rain Chance
Our first rain chance will slide in later Monday and stall out over the area through the middle part of the week.

Rain/Thunder Chances Continue Through Mid-Week
Keep in mind that none of the days this week look to be rain outs, but there will be areas of showers/T-storms that crop up in the day that could chase you indoors if you have any plans. Below is the forecast map for Wednesday as the front looks to stall overhead and keep things a little more unsettled than Tuesday.

5 Day Rain Forecast - Through Friday
The 5 day rain forecast from the HPC shows some spots across parts of the state getting up to 2" of rain through Friday. Convective activity has a unique way of concentrating all the moisture in the atmosphere in a condensed column that can produce heavy rain. If you happen to get under one or two of these convective showers this week, don't be surprised if you get up around that 2" mark in the rain bucket by the end of the week.
Convective Outlook For Monday - Severe Thunderstorm Risk
The severe risk for Monday looks more 'risky' well to our south.
Another Picture From Rich Koivisto - Neat shot here Rich! Looks like the antler velvet is coming in nicely up there in Duluth! 

Thanks for checking in...
Meteorologist Todd Nelson

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