Friday, July 30, 2010

Saturday Sunshine

Todd's Conservation Minnesota Forecast for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota

Saturday: Partly cloudy with a bit more humidity, but pleasant. High: 84

Saturday Night: Partly cloudy and pleasant. Low: 65

Sunday: Morning sun with afternoon storms possible. Storms igniting in western Minnesota initially before moving into central Minnesota late in the day. High: 86

Monday: Slight chance of thunder and lingering rain showers. High: 84

Tuesday: Looking brighter and better. High: 85

Wednesday: Mostly sunny and summery. High: Near 85

Thursday: Sun & Cloud mix with more humidity. High: 86

Friday: Chance of thunder grows late day. High: Mid 80's

Midsummer Night's Dream

What day is it? I feel like I've been in a midsummer night's dream lately. A little dizzy, A little drowsy. Maybe a little Saturday sunshine can help break the funk.

To be honest, we can't really complain about our summer weather. Sure, it's been a little hot and sticky a few times, but the incredible, relentless, heat has been well to our south. Take a look around your neighborhood. By this time most summers, the lawns have completely burnt out and gone dormant. Those without sprinkler systems have enjoyed a somewhat lush, carpet-look, having to mow a few extra times this year. An active jet stream has allowed storm systems to skirt through the Upper Midwest on a regular basis, showering us with a few heavier soakings. Since June 1st, we've officially seen a little more than 9 inches of rain, putting us around 1 inch above normal precipitation for that time period. Most of the state is drought free with the exception of the Arrowhead where the severe drought continues to grow. Lake Superior is near record temperature levels this year, which is good news for swimmers and those enjoying the Tall Ships in Duluth this week, but I fear the warmer lake temps aren't so good for lake levels and local habitat.

Duluth Tall Ships

You've gotta see this!! Are you looking for something to do this weekend? Head to Duluth and check out the Tall Ships! There in town until the 3rd of August.

(Photo Courtesy: Rich Koivisto)

(Photo Courtesy: 94X Rocks)

"Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the shores of the world’s greatest lake. It’s a rare chance to catch a glimpse, step aboard, and even set sail on some of the grandest ships of yore. If you'd like to see eight magnificent vessels that harken back to the early days of maritime, set your sails for Duluth July 28-August 3, 2010. Featuring a fleet of international and domestic vessels racing to six cities in the U.S. and Canada, this is Lake Superior’s only port of call for the GREAT LAKES UNITED TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® 2010."

Read more about the festival here:

It's Official - Record Breaking Hail Stone in Vivian South Dakota

The hail stone that fell in Vivian, South Dakota is now OFFICIALLY the biggest hail stone ever recorded in North America at a whopping 8.0" in diameter (near soccer ball size) weighing 1.9375 pounds! This beat the previous record hail stone for diameter (7.0" in diameter which fell on June 22nd, 2003 in Aurora, NE) and weight (1.67 lbs. which fell in coffeyville, KS on September 3rd, 1970). The Aurora, Nebraska hailstone will retain the record for circumference (18.75 inches) - Read more about the record setting hail stone here:

E.T. Phone Home - Rover Endures Harsh Martian Winter with Limited Power

In an article recently released by Spaceflight Now: "NASA's aging Spirit Mars rover, stuck in loose soil and forced to endure the harsh martian winter with reduced solar power, has not phoned home since March 22 and officials warned Friday "a miracle" may be needed to restore the rover to limited operation" - Read more about Rover here:

Google Earth Now Displays Real-Time Rain and Snow

This is neat - "The latest version of Google’s 3D map application, Google Earth, now has the ability to display real-time rain and snow in certain parts of the world." Read more here:

MN State Fair - Food Finder

Now this can't be good for anybody... The MN State Fair has launched a Food Finder - you can actually plan your grazing now. See more from the Minnesota State Fair website:

Saturday Sunshine

Saturday looks pretty decent with some sunshine and mild temperatures. Below is the sky cover and the temperature map for the afternoon. A mix of clouds and sun with temperatures in the 70's for the Twin Cities should beacon most outside.

Late Day Sunday Thunder

Weather maps are looking a little more interesting for Sunday, especially west of town. Showers and storms may pop up late in the day, some of which may be on the heavy side.

The Storm Prediction Center out of Norman Oklahoma already has parts of Minnesota under a slight risk of severe weather... we'll keep an eye on this one, in the meantime, have a good weekend - Todd Nelson

Severe Weather Outlook for Sunday

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