Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finish Line

Todd's Conservation Minnesota Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota:

THURSDAY: Still cold, but not as bad. AM wind chills down to -20. Cloud thicken through the day, maybe a few flakes late. High: 12

THURSDAY NIGHT: Mostly cloudy with a little light snow, dusting possible. Low: 7.

FRIDAY: Light snow and a light dusting possible. Warmer with peeks of afternoon sun. High: 30.

SATURDAY: Partly sunny, light wintry mix possible north. A chance to thaw out for a change. Low: 16. High: 34

SUNDAY: Partly sunny and mild with a light mix, mainly north. Low: 26. High: 36

MONDAY: Sun and clouds mix with a few sprinkles or flurries. Low: 25. High: 35

TUESDAY: Partly sunny, a little drizzly. Low: 21. High: 35

 Cold Air Finish Line
Has the week blown by as fast for you as it has for me? Maybe it's just because I'm so busy or I'm having so much fun... Not sure which one it is, but regardless, I feel like time is flying. To be honest, I can't believe that we're already 10 days into February. Didn't we just ring in the New Year? Speaking of which, how are those New Year's resolutions coming along? Maybe now is the time to renew those weight loss vows or ambitions to save more cash. Interestingly, most people give up their resolutions by the end of January, so kudos to those who are still on the ball. As my late father used to say, "Just keep on, keepin' on!" 

We've spent 15 nights, including last night, with low temperatures dropping below zero. In an average winter through today, we should have had around 24 sub-zero overnight lows. 
 No doubt this La Nina winter has been cold, indicated by your slightly higher than normal heating bills, but we've been lacking the extremes. The coldest overnight low this season dipped only to -16F on the 21st of January. See more of the Twin Cities temperatures HERE:
A modest warm up is heading our way for the weekend along with a little snow tomorrow, nothing major. Mild temperatures will continue next week with some hints that it might just continue right through the end of the month

Cold Air Retreats Thursdsay
Warm Blob Moves North Through Next Week!

Friday Flurries

The trade off for warmer weather is more clouds and the chance for precipitation, the first chance of light precipitation will slide in late Thursday into Friday. Only a flurries or light snow showers are expected - coating to half inch possible. It appears the unsettled weather pattern will continue with partly sunny skies and a slight chance of a little flurry action, sprinkle action and/or maybe even a little freezing drizzle action into next week. It's hard to have everything you want at this time of the year when a deep snow pack is still on the ground. As temperatures warm to the freezing mark or above, snow melt causes added moisture to the lower levels of the atmosphere, which then condenses into low clouds, fog and haze as temperatures cool overnight. The only way to have a fighting chance at a mostly sunny sky when there is still snow on the ground is to bring the Arctic air back into the picture. It's hard to be completely happy with the weather sometimes, isn't it? Have a good Thursday - Todd Nelson

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