Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Settling to the cold

Todd's Conservation Minnesota Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota:

WEDNESDAY: AM wind chills down to -25. A few passing clouds, otherwise sunny and cold. High:7

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Another clear and cold night. Wind Chills: -10 to -15. Low: -8

THURSDAY: Still cold, but not as bad. Cloud thicken through the day. Maybe a few flakes overnight. High:15

FRIDAY: Sun and cloud mix with a light wintry mix possible north. Getting warmer. Low: 12. High: 29 

SATURDAY: Partly sunny, light wintry mix possible north. A chance to thaw out for a change. Low: 15. High: 33

SUNDAY: Partly sunny and mild with a light mix. Low: 26. High: 36

MONDAY: Sun and clouds mix, mild temperatures continue. Low: 24. High: 35

TUESDAY: Partly sunny with a little light rain/snow potential, nothing major. Low: 20. High: 33

Settling in to the Cold...

The National Weather Service has issued another WIND CHILL ADVISORY through noon Wednesday for dangerous wind chills as low -25 to -35 in the blue shaded counties below:

By now you've probably found you're niche on how to cope with the cold as best as you can. Covering most extremities as you hustle from destination to destination with as little exposure to the outside world as possible. Just as we're getting used to living in this brief Arctic climate, the atmosphere will undergo a dramatic shift towards a warmer weather regime as early as Friday.

Tracking the Air Masses

Cold Air Through Thursday
Warm Blob Next Week
Take a look at the nice, mild air potentially pushing into the Midwest by the end of next week!
No more stinging cold, no more creaking and cracking of car doors and knee joints. Instead, we'll trade that in for a little slushier commuting and having to replace the blue bug juice a few more times in the car as the backwash from cars nearby, traveling 60mph through puddles, ends up on your windshield.

I have a feeling the 30s expected by the weekend and next week will create a few more puddles than what we've seen of the icy parking lots and highways this week.

Duluth Web Cam From Tuesday - More Icy Sunshine
The view from downtown Duluth, MN (Canal Park) on Tuesday afternoon (Air Temp: 19F) showed more icy sunshine. You can see the Lake Superior Marine Museum web cam HERE:

In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine and treat yourself to a nice car wash as everything stays frozen. The only threat I see in the near future is cold wind chills, the potential for a little black ice during the commute to work and school and extremely long lines at the car wash.

 No big storms brewing anytime soon. Your shovel can keep rest in the garage... for now. Have a good Wednesday - Todd Nelson 

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