Monday, February 7, 2011

Subtle Signs

Todd's Conservation Minnesota Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota:

TUESDAY: Wind Chill Advisory through noon. Bitter AM wind chills down to -35. Arctic sunshine continues. High: 7

TUESDAY NIGHT: Another cold one. mostly clear with numerous stars twinkling in the atmospheric aberrations. Wind Chills: -15 to -25. Low: -8

WEDNESDAY: A few passing clouds, stray flurries possible north. still cold. High: 8
THURSDAY: Reinforcing cold front, nippy. Perhaps a flurry or two overnight Low: -9. High:9
FRIDAY: Sun and cloud mix with a light wintry mix possible north. Getting warmer. Low: 3. High: 28 

SATURDAY: Partly sunny, light wintry mix possible north. A chance to thaw out for a change. Low: 16. High: 33 
SUNDAY: Partly sunny and mild with a light mix. Low: 25. High: 35
MONDAY: A little bundle of energy scoots through, a little light snow possible. Low: 25. High: 34 
Grunting Through More Cold

Here we go again, grunting through another familiar February day. You'll be tested walking to and from the bus stop or your car today as bitter wind chills bite, especially during the hours. I've got a feeling that most folks around town aren't too fond of the single digits populating the local weather maps lately, but hang in there, we've got a little light at the end of the cold and narrow tunnel!
If you look closely, you can see a few subtle signs showing up on a blacktop near you. The sun is quite a bit stronger now than it was just a month and a half ago and only 40 days away from the Vernal Equinox. A slightly stronger sun, even during a burning cold day in February, can warm the salty gray blacktop to near the freezing mark and make any snowy spots a little slushy. It's not much, but we're searching for anything to keep the ship pointed in the right direction.
Using A Funky Beet Mixture to Treat Wintry Roads... HUH?
I've, officially, heard it all now... Some cities around the U.S. are using beet juice to treat wintry roads when temperatures get too cold. The reason? Regular salt tends to not work that well when temperatures, drop below 15 degrees, so a funky briny, salt mixture helps to cut costs & potentially saves lives. Read more HERE:  Maybe Dwight from the office has a real business money maker here...

Another sign of the changing tide is the subtle amount of extra daylight when you get home from work, especially now when the skies are relatively cloud free. This time of year, we gain nearly 3 minutes of daylight a day and by March, we gain nearly 4 minutes of daylight a day... that should make you smile! See the full sunrise/sunset table for the entire year for Minneapolis HERE:

Valentine's Day Temperature Forecast... Looking Mildly Steamy :)
We've got a couple more cold days after today, then the speedy weekend warm up begins. Things stay mild and may even get a little steamy for Valentine's Day next Monday. Here's fair warning that you have only 6 days to get that special someone a special something before that good thought, won't pan out... As for me, I'm still thinking for the perfect idea, got any ideas? Have a good Tuesday - Todd Nelson

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