Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Fever & Sun Burn Potential Returns

Todd's Conservation Minnesota Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota
SUNDAY: Sun returns, windy and cool (but better!) Winds: NE 15-25. High: near 60

SUNDAY NIGHT: Clear and chilly with some patchy frost possible by daybreak. Low: 38

MONDAY: Blue sky, less wind. High: 66

TUESDAY: Plenty of sun, turning milder. Low: 46. High: 68

WEDNESDAY: Still "springy" and pleasant. Low: 48. High: 70

THURSDAY: Sun fades, isolated PM thunder? Low: 51. High: near 73

FRIDAY: Unsettled, showers & storms late (especially far southern Minnesota). Low: 54. High: 73
SATURDAY: Still unsettled with isolated thunder across the southern half of Minnesota. Low: 55. High: Mid 70s.

I didn't happen to go fishing this year - my little guy, Crosby, who is pictured in the photo above with my wife, Sheena, was out with over 102F degree temperature this weekend. Still a fairly new parent, only 1.5 years, I get nervous anytime my kid runs a high fever, which has only been a few times, thank goodness. Needless to say, we were more preoccupied with fevers rather than nightcrawlers, leeches and landing the big one. Hope everyone that was out for the opener had a good time and enjoyed being back out on the water after such a long winter season... MN fishing opener couldn't come soon enough this year.
Springy Weather Ahead
Great news in the weather department... Spring finally looks to be making a return this week, starting today. Sunshine returns along with a gradual temperature rise into the 70s over the next several days. I can honestly say that the upcoming stretch of sunny weather, could be the nicest/quietest stretch of weather we've seen so far this season. A large bubble of high pressure will settle overhead for much of the week, allowing ample sunshine and temperatures near average or above to help bring your spring blues into a raging fever this week. If you like to putz around in the yard and garden as much as I do, I predict you'll have a hard time staying out of local nurseries and green houses. I might take my chances and plant a garden this week, but it might be safer to wait until after Memorial Weekend. In fact, I could see some patchy frost in prone locations Monday morning through central and northern Minnesota with clear skies, light winds and dry air. Here are the average last frost dates for selected MN areas:

A Bright Future
Take a look at the surface map below - note our departing weather system that kept us cool, cloudy and quite soggy on Saturday, it is now sitting in the Ohio River Valley. The next big weather feature heading out way is a Canadian High Pressure system that will scour out the clouds and keep skies bright and sunny through Wednesday. Our next best chance of rain will slide in by the end of the week.

Saturday Afternoons Visible Satellite Image:
The satellite image from Saturday afternoon showed most of Minnesota locked under clouds and showers, while northern Minnesota was starting to clear out. North of the international border, there was plenty of sunshine, which is what we can expect from Sunday - Wednesday. 

Sunday's UV Index - HIGH
The UV Index for Sunday is HIGH, meaning that it'll only take 30 minutes or less to get a sunburn on exposed skin. Keep in mind that we are little over 1 month from the Summer Solstice (June 21st), when the sun will be at its highest point in the sky for us in the Northern Hemisphere (most direct sunlight).  

Midweek Sunshine and Dry Weather
The Hydrological Prediction Center shows a void of any coloring over Minnesota from Tuesday through AM Thursday indication that no accumulating rain is expected. Might be a good time to get that car washed, get it looking good for spring again.
Next Best Chance of Rain
We should stay dry for the next several days, but there are indications that another slow moving storm system will slide in by the end of the week and lingering through the upcoming weekend. I think our first chance of rain will be back by Thursday. Isolated showers and thunderstorms may be possible Friday and Saturday as well. Take a look at the map below:
Thursday Rain Chance
That's all for today - thanks for checking in and have a good Sunday!
Meteorologist Todd Nelson

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