Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Chance For Sunday Showers?

Todd's Conservation Minnesota Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota:

SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy with a few scattered showers. Winds: S 10. High: 64
SUNDAY NIGHT: Clearing trend. Quiet. Low: 52

MONDAY: Plenty of mild sun. Quite nice. High: 74

TUESDAY: Passing shower, isolated thunder? Heaviest rain in far northern MN. Low: 55. High: near 70

WEDNESDAY: More PM sunshine. Much cooler again. Low: 50. High: 62

THURSDAY: Sunny and beautiful. Low: 44. High: 65

FRIDAY: Mild breeze, warming up. Low: 53. High: 71
SATURDAY: Another bright, sunny and mild day. Low: 54. High: 75
Paul Sundberg Photography
Last weekend's northern lights displays were caught by Paul Sundberg in far northern Minnesota by Grand Marais. Despite a near full moon, the displays were strong/bright enough for a good show. Keep up the good work Paul!
Here's Another Great Shot By Paul Sundberg
 Pagami Creek Fire - BWCA
The wildfire in the BWCA that started on August 18th by lightning has now spread to over 93,000 acres and is only 8% contained

Duluth News Tribune Reports 
Boundary Waters fire update: Little change, but officials concerned about weather
 Superior National Forest officials on Friday banned all types of outdoor fires across the entire forest as they expect an influx of campers and hunters this weekend for the opening days of the grouse hunting and archery deer hunting seasons shows the large 93K+ acres fire spreading towards the southeast due to stronger northwesterly winds earlier this week.
Despite warmer temperatures, drier air, and slightly stronger winds on Friday, the fire primarily crept and smoldered along the ground. The fire will be more active today than it was yesterday, especially on the northern edge, because of increased southerly winds, stronger gusts, and very dry fuels. Most crews and air resources will be working on the northern and southern sides of the fire. As always, firefighter and public safety is the top priority. 
 Severe Drought Conditions Persist in the BWCA
The updated drought situation from the U.S. Drought Monitor has the Arrowhead in a SEVERE Drought

Precipitation Needed to End Drought
The image below shows that we need around 3" to almost 4" of precipitation to end the drought across the Arrowhead.
Burning Restrictions
The image below shows the counties currently under burning restrictions across the state.

Sunday Rain Potential
 A cool front slides through on Sunday and kicks up the chance for a few spotty showers. It doesn't look all that impressive, but some lucky spots could pick up around 0.25"

Tuesday Rain Potential
A slightly more vigorous system slides through on Tuesday. At this point, the heaviest rain appears to be across the northern part of the state, which could really help the wildfire situation.
5 Day Rainfall Totals
The 5 day rainfall amount from the Hydrological Prediction Center show that around 1" of rain (or more) could fall across the northern part of the state (where they need it most)
Let's hope for more than just a little bit of rain across the entire state... we could all use a good soak!
Meteorologist Todd Nelson

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