Saturday, September 3, 2011

High Pressure Building - September Sunshine

Todd's Conservation Minnesota Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota:

SUNDAYPartly sunny with a stray PM shower possible, breezy and cool. DP: 48. High: 66.
SUNDAY NIGHT: Becoming mostly clear, lighter winds and chilly. Low: 47

LABOR DAYBest day of the weekend? Chilly start, bright sun and light winds. High: 67.

TUESDAY: Lot's of sunshine, lukewarm. Low: 50. High: 71

WEDNESDAY: Sunshine continues. Comfy temps and low humidity Low: 51. High: 74

THURSDAY: More blue sky, very pleasant. Low: 55. High: 77

FRIDAY: Another beauty. Low: 57. High 79

SATURDAY: Quiet. More sun with only a few passing clouds. Low: 59. High: 78

There's a First Time For Everything

I've been bitten by the canning bug. I went to the farmers market on Thursday and decided to pick up small cucumbers for pickling. Not sure why I did it, but it would be a good idea, since I have so many fond memories canning pickles with my family and grandmother from when I was younger. Of course, I had to ask the pro, my grandmother, for the recipe and directions, which wasn't all that hard. 12 jars later with the help from my mom, I deemed my 1st try a success!

Here is my 2 year old boy, Crosby, helping me get ready for the big canning operation
I enjoyed doing it so much that the next day, I used up all my garden tomatoes (I have way too many) and my new canning equipment to make fresh salsa! I'm still not sure if I'm just enjoying it so much or if I'm nesting... My wife is 38 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child and could go any day now. I don't know the true definition of nesting, but we are certainly getting a lot done around the house, that's for sure. I give her credit; A.) She's walking around with another human inside of her and B.) She still wants to go to the Fair Sunday and walk around as it is our annual tradition. I just hope we don't end up at the animal birthing barn with some excitement of our own. I can see it now, "Local meteorologist's wife gives birth to a baby in the animal birthing barn at Fair" - That would be a first!

They Have An App For That?
If you are an Iphone or Driod user, you can download the Minnesota State Fair app on your phone and have access to the locations of all the different Fair foods. It's great, check it out!


State Fair Bound
The good news is that the weather for the last 2 days of the Fair looks very nice. Sunday will be a bit breezy and there may perhaps be an isolated afternoon shower under party sunny skies, but all in all it looks enjoyable. Labor Day Monday will likely be one of the nicest days of the Fair this year. After a chilly start, high pressure will settle in overhead with almost perfect conditions, especially if you're one who likes to eat a lot. I know that on those extremely hot days, it's tough to eat a little too much , which seems to be the goal for many, right?! I know that when I go to the Fair, I seem to indulge a little too much too.

High Pressure Dominates
Take a look at the image below, note the big area of high pressure anchored over the Great Lakes Region.

This weather feature is actually being hung up because of two tropical system to our southeast. Tropical Storm Lee continues to dump copious amount of rain over the Lower Mississippi Valley, including New Orleans. Rainfall amounts were nearing 10" in spots along the Gulf Coast already by Saturday morning, which could be doubled by early next week!

Tropical Storm Lee

Flooding Products Issued by the National Weather Service

When Will It End?
Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Lee is a slow mover and will continue to dump rain across the Gulf Coast States through early this week. It appears that Lee's movement northeast will be hastened later in the week, but heavy rainfall amounts are still looking very likely for spots along the East Coast (those who don't need anymore after Hurricane Irene last weekend). This could very well aggravate and exacerbate the flooding situation in spots that got hit so hard by Irene last weekend.

Could It Get Worse?
To make matters even worse, the New England States might have a close call with Hurricane Katia by late week/weekend as she wobbles ever closer to the U.S. - Forecast models are still a little uncertain with what will happen that far out, but additional rainfall from Katia certainly doesn't look out of the question at this point.

Katia Churns In The Atlantic

National Hurricane Center Forecast Track For Katia
The 5 day forecast track for Katia brings her on the west side of Bermuda, which is always a little scary for folks along the East Coast, especially if she continues on that northwest track.

Thanks for checking in, enjoy the rest of your Labor Day Weekend!
Meteorologist Todd Nelson

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