Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's a boy!!

Todd's Conservation MN Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota

MONDAY:  Breezy and unsettled. Increasing clouds and turning breezy with spotty afternoon showers and storms possible. High:87

MONDAY NIGHT: Breezy, turning cooler. Any lingering showers or storm dissipate. Low: 52

TUESDAY: Breezy and much cooler with lingering clouds and a passing shower, mainly north. High:66

WEDNESDAY: Less wind and few clouds. Coldest day we've seen since May, nearly 4 months ago. Low: 44. High: 57

THURSDAY: Very chilly start, some patch frost possible. Still cool, bright sun returns. Low: 39. High:59

FRIDAY:  Warmer south wind, more PM clouds. Low: 44. High: 64

SATURDAY: A little warmer, cloudier. Low: 50. High: 67

SUNDAY: Unsettled. Isolated PM shower or storm. Low: 56. High: 72

Here are my 2 boys Crosby and the new addition Cashton

     My wife of 6 years on Saturday, September 10th, gave birth to our 2nd child, Cashton Isaac Nelson early Sunday morning (September 11th). Of course, you can't stop labor, but in the back of my mind I didn't want the new baby to come on such a significant date. It was bittersweet Sunday morning as we brought our new little guy into the world. We were elated to welcome a healthy baby into our family, but also deeply touched as we watched the news affiliates pay respect to those lost 10 years ago.
     I hadn't though about it until a nurse at the hospital shined light on what thought about having a baby on September 11th... She saw it as a sign of hope. Americans have not given up. There is a fire in our belly. We want to succeed and prosper in our daily lives. We continue to strive towards ultimate goals that this great nation was founded upon. Today I am a proud papa!
     Enjoy the last little bit of summery weather while you can, cold Canadian air is headed our way this week. Temperatures drop nearly 30 degrees by midweek. Daytime highs in the 50s with patchy frost overnight will have you clamoring for the long sleeves. It'll be a wild ride - Todd Nelson

Quick Update Today - Running on E
The late night addition to the family, visitors and new daddy duty has me wiped - it'll be a quick update today. Paul Douglas is back tomorrow for a full update on your local and national weather headlines.

Minneapolis 7-Day Meteogram
The image below is a 7-day meteogram that was put together on Sunday by one of WeatherNation's meteorologists showing the BIG temperature swing coming over the next several days. Temperatures from Sunday & Monday into the middle of the week will drop nearly 30 degrees, if not more.
Focusing on Temps - Monday Last Warm Day!
I'll try to keep this brief, but temperatures are really going to be the big story this week as we see the bottom drop out. Note, the average high temperature for MSP is 74F. The image below is the expected high temperatures for normal on Monday. Readings almost 15F above average brings us close to 90F for Monday.
Tuesday Brings Our First Change
Tuesday's high temperatures drop pretty significantly from Monday's highs. A deficit of 5F to 10F puts us in the 60s
Wednesday - Coldest High Temps Since May
Wednesday is still looking like the coldest day we've seen since May, nearly 4 months ago. Deficits of 10F to 15F puts us in the 50s
Frost on the Pumpkins - No Joke!
Wednesday night/early Thursday morning is likely to bring a frost/freeze potential to a great deal of the region. Looks at the lows expected for Wednesday Night
Sorry for the short update today, have a good week!
Meteorologist Todd Nelson

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