Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not So Snowy November, So Far...

Todd's Conservation Minnesota Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota:

SUNDAYCloudier and cooler, a few rain showers likely early. High: 49. Winds: W 10-20mph

SUNDAY NIGHT: Decreasing clouds and cooler. Low: 34

MONDAY: Increasing clouds, light mix possible north PM hours. High: 48

TUESDAY: Light mix continues early, then turning partly sunny. Still chilly. Low: 30. High: 40

WEDNESDAY: Feeling like November, jacket weather. Partly sunny and chilly. Low: 24. High: 37

THURSDAY: Clipper approaches. A little more sun early, still brisk. Low: 25. High: 42

FRIDAY: More clouds, slight chance of a little light rain north. Low: 33. High: 42
SATURDAY: Cloudy with a rain/snow mix possible. Low: 31. High: 40
Photo Courtesy: Rich Koivisto
Thanks to Rich Koivisto for the picture below, which shows a faint "Sun Pillar" in the Fall sky. This is about the time of year when there are interesting optics and other weather phenomena showing up in a sky near you. A colder atmosphere has the mid and upper levels turning any moisture into ice crystals, which are perfect for bouncing and reflecting lower angled sunlight. 
Did you think it was warm on Saturday? In deed it was! A temperature of 64F at the MSP airport was 1F shy of the record for yesterday's date set in 2001 and 21F above the average! The numbers are truly amazing since September 1st. It has been very dry and very mild! The MSP Airport is running nearly 5.25" behind normal precipitation in that time frame and has been running above average monthly temperatures since then with the most significant warmer than average month occurring in October @ 6.4F above average. So far this November, MSP is running nearly 5F above average!

It Could Be Worse!
I am always reminded that it could be worse. Check out the image recently released by NASA of one of the most severe storms to ever develop in the Bering Sea this last week. It was responsible for hurricane force winds, a 10ft. storm surge and over a foot of blinding snow across Alaska's western coast.
Alaska Damage Pictures
KNOM Radio Mission's Photostream has some amazing pictures from the aftermath of the storm from Nome, AK 
Ding A Ling... Here Them Ring... It's Christmas Time in the City.
Ah yes, it's that time again... it's a race to see which neighbor can be the first to turn their XMAS lights on for the holiday season. Not sure about you, but I've seen several houses dawning the twinkle lights. I don't know, maybe it's alright since the Rockerfeller Christmas Tree arrived in New York. What do you think?

Surf City, Here We Come!
How would you like to surf a 90ft. wave? Sounds like a death sentence to me. This surfer, from Hawaii, rode a 90ft. wave just off of Portugal. It may in fact be the biggest wave anyone has ever surfed... It's insane!!
A Little Sunday Rain?
Not sure this rain chance will help anything, but it's a start. We desperately need the rain across the state, so anything will help. It doesn't look like much and most folks won't get anything, but it'll be a day where you'll want to spend most of it inside, perhaps tackling that honey do list!
Sunday Rain Chance
Again, it doesn't look like much, but the cold front will kick up a little light rain and perhaps a little light mix up north through the early part of the day. Temperatures behind the front will then fall and the upcoming week looks much colder than Saturday's near record breaking highs.
Saturday's Warm Spell
I hope you enjoyed Saturday's warm spell, not sure how many more days we'll have in the 60s. A clipper-like system racing across the international border was responsible for tugging up near record level warmth.
Much Colder Mid-Week
Take a look at the blob of cold air sliding in by the middle part of next week. There will be several locations struggling to get into the 30s for daytime highs, jacket-worthy weather!
Shovel Potential?
I still don't see any major storms in the near feature, but some long range models are suggesting a larger storm somewhere in the Upper Midwest next weekend. Again, it's a long way out, so for now, you can keep the shovels tucked in the corner of the garage!
Next Weekend Storm?

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 Have a great rest of the weekend!

Meteorologist Todd Nelson

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