Saturday, December 10, 2011

2010 Snowmageddon

Todd's Conservation MN Outlook for MN and all of Minnesota

SUNDAYPlenty of sun, a welcome thaw! Increasing clouds late. Winds: SSW 5-15mph. High: 38.

SUNDAY NIGHT: Becoming mostly cloudy with a chance of freezing drizzle. Winds: South 5-10mph. Low: 28

MONDAY: More clouds, drizzle and light freezing drizzle still possible. Winds: SSW 5-10mph. High: 36

TUESDAY: Still mild with some stubborn low clouds. Low: 28. High: 36

WEDNESDAY: Clouds increase. Light rain/snow mix late? Low: 26. High: 35

THURSDAY: Windy and colder with lingering flurries. Low: 24. High: 28

FRIDAY: Partly cloudy and much colder. Low: 12. High: 18

SATURDAY: More sun, but still chilly. Low: 9. High: 25

Lunar Eclipse Saturday Morning
Thanks to Rich Koivisto for this photo of the Lunar Eclipse from early Saturday morning.

     One year ago today, the Twin Cities was slammed by THE biggest snowfall event in December history. The bulk of the snow from the storm came down on the 11th, with the MSP Airport totalnig 16.3".
17.1" was the official tally between the 10th & the 11th, which became the 5th largest snowfall event on record for the Twin Cities.
     What you may not know about me is that I am a part-time weather observer at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. I have been doing it since college and because of my love and passion for weather, I continue doing it to this day. Interestingly, I happened to be working the morning of the 11th and helped to report most of the snowfall from the event. It was surreal to watch the storm unfold and to watch the snow pile up. Trudging through the waste deep snow drifts to take hourly measurements was unbelievable. Visibility was down to a quarter mile or less for several hours, which forced the airport to shut down.
     There will be no repeat of the 2010 Snowmageddon this year, in fact it'll be quite nice today. However, there is a chance for a 'bigger' system later this week, stay tuned!

2010 Snowmageddon - Night of the 11th
This is a picture that I took the night of the 11th. The winds were really blowing, several large snow drifts were showing up.

Day After the Big Storm
 This is another picture I took the day after the big storm. There were still several streets/cars that were not plowed out in waste deep snow drifts.

Snowfall Amounts
The Twin Cities ended up with 17.1" officially, but there were reports of nearly 2ft. across parts of Wisconsin
More on the Significant Blizzard From 2010 From the NWS

No Snowmageddons This Year
The good news for those who don't like the big snow wallops... we don't have any big blizzards this year on the 11th. In fact, it look pretty darn nice with lots of sun and very mild temps. There could be some spots that get close to 40F today!
Sunday High Temps From Normal
 Next Big Concern
The next big concern is going to be for some freezing drizzle and icing across the southeastern part of the state Sunday Night thru Monday. The forecast map from NOAA shows the potential. NOTE: the roads could VERY SLIPPERY on your way into work Monday morning.

Mid-Week Storm Potential?
This is the storm that is still up in the air, but several weather models are hinting at something. To be honest, it looks like a cluster, not sure what to make of the forecast. The bulk of the moisture looks to sail south of the Twin Cities, but it's worth keeping an eye on for any further interesting developments.

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