Sunday, December 4, 2011

Coldest Since March

Todd's Conservation MN Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota 
MONDAY: Lingering low clouds and perhaps a few flurries. Decreasing clouds late and turning colder. High: 23 Winds: N 5-10mph
MONDAY NIGHT: Clearing and much colder. Some of the coldest air since late February or early March. Low: 5. Winds: light. Early AM Wind Chills: -5 to 5.

TUESDAY: A very cold start with sub-zero wind chills. Cold sunshine continues and turning breezy in the afternoon. High: 21. Winds: SW 10-20mph. AM Wind Chills: -5 to 5

WEDNESDAY: Another fast moving clipper rolls through. Light snow chance in the afternoon, then turning colder! Low: 10. High: 27. Winds: NNW 5-10mph

THURSDAY: Bundle up, another cold day with partial sunshine. Low: 15. High:22. Wind: NW 5-15mph

FRIDAY: Another cold start, perhaps even colder than earlier in the week. Sub-zero wind chill potential to start the day and chilly into the afternoon with more clouds. Low: 6. High: 20. Winds: SW 5-15mph

SATURDAY: Slightly warmer as a clipper nears from the northwest. More sun. Low: 10. High: 28. Winds: S 10-20mph

SUNDAY: Clouds thicken with light snow potential through the afternoon. Low: 21. High. 28. Winds: NW 10-20mph.

     Now that most of us have had a day to stare at the wintry landscape and endure some colder temps, how is the shoe fitting? Is it how you remembered? Has it lived up to your expectations so far? I, personally, like the wintry weather. Growing up in Minnesota and spending most of my childhood on frozen winter ponds, slapping a hockey around into hockey nets that you wouldn't dare stick your tongue to... I am right at home now that the colder weather is here. However, a few weeks of this relentless finger tingling weather and the honeymoon phase starts to wear off quickly.
     This first full week of December will feature some of the coldest air that we've seen since late February or early March, nearly 6 months ago. Two fronts will drop south of the international border allowing Nanook air to drift through. The good news is that these fast moving cold fronts will only keep the coldest of the air around for a day or so. We then warm back up to average before the next cold blast swings through.
     This will be our first real test of the wintry cold this season, but it's nothing that we haven't handled before and can't handle again. Welcome to Winter!

National Forecast For Monday
There are two areas of interest on Monday that will have some folks talking. First the snow in the Southwest and the heavy rain across parts of the Mississippi Valley and again into parts of the Ohio and Tennessee River Valleys. The good news is that some of this rain is across parts of Texas where EXCEPTIONAL drought conditions continue.
Some To Get Significant Snow in New Mexico
Winter Weather Headlines have been posted in the Southwest where some from 7500ft. and above are likely to see more than 12" of snow
Heavy Rain
The National Weather Service has issued Flooding Headlines for the areas below shaded in green. Heavy rainfall over the last couple of weeks and in the forecast will likely cause flooding.
How Much Rain?
The 2 day rainfall forecast for these areas brings another 1" to almost 4" of rain from 6pm Sunday to 6pm Tuesday.
Wettest Year on Record
It is already the wettest year on record for some spots and with additional rainfall like this, we'll continue to see more records fall.
Cincinnati, OH (Covington, KY)
Year: 66.76″
Record: 57.58″ (1990)

Lexington, KY
Year: 61.92″
Record: 65.76″ (1935)
Currently: 3rd Wettest Year

Louisville, KY
Year: 62.81″
Record: 64.60” (2004)
Currently: 3rd Wettest Year

Bowling Green, KY
Year: 58.32″
Record: 75.56″ (1979)
Currently: Not in Top Ten

Evansville, IN
Year: 63.99″
Record: 66.18″ (2006)
Currently: 3rd Wettest
More Cold Air
Take a look at the surge of cold air that drops south of the international border on Monday. This blob of cold air will have morning lows on Tuesday in the single digits!

Even Colder on Friday Morning!
Take a look at the surge of cold air that swings in on Thursday! This is likely to be even colder, keeping morning low temperatures on Friday in the single digits once again. Some of us may even have our first taste of sub-zero wind chills then.
Thanks for checking in and have a great first full week of December!
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