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Monday Slow Commute

Todd's Conservation Minnesota Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota:

MONDAY: Slow and sloppy AM commute. Light snow tapers to flurries, (total accumulations of 1" to 2" possible). Turning windy and cooler. High: 28. Winds: WNW 10-20mph, gusts to 25mph.

MONDAY NIGHT: Clearing trend and colder. Low: 7. Winds: NW 5-15mph

TUESDAY: Cold start. Lighter winds and more sun. High: 23. Winds: WSW 5-10mph

WEDNESDAY: Increase in clouds, turning breezy with a few light snow or flurries up north late. Low: 14. High: 32. Winds: WSW 10-20mph

THURSDAY: Intervals of sun, another thaw. Low: 21. High: 33. Winds: W 10-15mph

FRIDAY: More mild sun. Low: 20. High: 33.
SATURDAY: A few more clouds, turning colder. Low: 16. High: 26.
SUNDAY: Light snow chance up north late, a little colder. Low: 12. High: 23
     We're finally out of the deep freeze. How did you fair? Temperatures around the state bottomed out in the teens and twenties below zero late last week, but it felt more like the 30s and 40s below zero. It was, by far, the coldest we've had all season long. Note that with the lack of deep snow on the ground, the cold air was muted just a bit and it certainly didn't last too long.
     Quite a different story from last year, where through today's date, we had a little over 55" of snow. So far this year, we've only seen a little over a foot, which is almost 18" behind normal. With the way things are going, we could definitely wind up being in the top lightest snowfall seasons on record. Seems strange since last year we had the 4th snowiest season on record.
    Either you love this winter season or you hate it, but regardless, we haven't had much wintry weather until recently. Today we'll continue that theme as a little light snow continues through the early part of the day. It could be enough to brush or shovel in some communities in east central Minnesota, but another January thaw looks likely later this week as temperatures bump up into the mid 30s.
Anvil From 35000ft.
Thanks Paul Douglas for this picture. It's the top of a thunderstorm over Georgia. It's actually from the same storm system that brought us snow on Friday across the Upper Midwest. More showers and thunderstorm are possible again early Monday across parts of the Tennessee and Ohio River Valleys. It appears that some of the storms will again be severe into early Monday.

Severe Threat Sunday Night into Monday
Take a look at the MODERATE risk of severe weather that was issued by the Storm Prediction Center from Sunday Night into early Monday. A MODERATE is pretty rare for January, in fact, The last time that Indiana was under a MODERATE threat in January was January 28, 2008, when a big damaging wind event swept over the state of KY and there was a deadly tornado in Posey Co, IN.
Sizeable Storm Affects The Eastern Half of the Nation
This is a fairly decent size storm that will affect the eastern half of the nation through the early week. Severe storms on it's southern flank and shovelable snow (in spots) on it's northern flank will continue through Monday.
Heavier Rain Potential
The heaviest moisture associated with this system appears to be in the convective zone across the Ohio and Tennessee Valley, perhaps up to 2". Note the moisture on the northwestern side of this system, where it is cold enough for snow.
Colder Side of Things... Snow Amounts
Again, this system doesn't appear to have a lot of snow potential close to home. The heaviest still appears to be well north of us, but we could still see a light accumulations of 1" to 2" in some communities. This will likely keep you Monday commuting times slower than normal.
The National Weather Service has issued a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for all the counties shaded in purple for the potential of light snow accumulations, the heaviest of which will be during the early part of the day causing some issues for commuters. This could potentially be another morning where several fender benders have you white-knuckling your steering wheel on your way into work or school... plan accordingly.

 Thinking Warm Thoughts
I want to thank a good friend of mine, Rich Koivisto, for the images below. He happened to go check out the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival over the weekend and snapped some pretty amazing shots!

Miami Sunrise
Thanks to Bay Scroggins for the picture below. Hard not to enjoy a sunrise like that, nice shot Bay!
Think Snow!
It's the Coolest Celebration on Earth and it starts this week. There are lots of wonderful things to do and see, check it out HERE:  

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