Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day (Not as Dreadfully Windy; 80s and 90s by Tuesday)

Happy Mother's Day

By Todd Nelson

Too bad Mom's don't get more than just one special day! Maybe I'm just speaking for myself, but for as much as we've put them through, they should get a whole year, no? To all the Mom's out there, Happy Mother's Day!

The good news is that our wind whipped Saturday will continue to blow away quickly. Sunday will boast temperature readings in the 50s to near 60, but that dreaded wind will have subsided.
A summer-like warm front blows into town Monday with some afternoon shower potential. A warmer south breeze brings us back to near 70 then, but you won't feel the heat really until Tuesday when 80s and 90s make a return to temperature maps near you! I expect a number of those stubborn lakes, that have not yet lost their ice, will do so or be close after next week!

The heat subsides a bit Wednesday, but we'll continue a string of 70s, perhaps some 80s through much of the week. Don't be surprised if an afternoon or evening t-shower pops up this week either.
85% of the Minnesota was in a severe drought early February. Our cool, wet spring has brought that number down to only 15%, but 85% is still abnormally dry; keep the moisture coming!
Todd's Conservation MN Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota

MOTHER'S DAY: Frosty start, but bright sun for mom and not as dreadfully windy! High: 58. Wind: NW 10

SUNDAY NIGHT: Mostly clear and cool. Low: 39.

MONDAY: Turning warmer, passing PM T-shower across NE MN and NW Wisconsin? Breezy South wind. High: 68

TUESDAY: Summer-like building. 90s in southern MN? Isolated thunder across far northern MN later. Wake-up: 54. High: 87

WEDNESDAY:  Still warm, looks nice. Wake-up: 60. High: 77

THURSDAY:  Sunny with a chance of Spring Fever! Wake-up: 53. High: 76.

FRIDAY: BBQ Alert! Nighttime thunder possible. Wake-up: 54. High: 77.

SATURDAY: Unsettled. Warm with spotty thunder. Wake-up: 55. High 76.

Happy Mother's Day
Our cool and wet spring has certainly delayed Mother Nature from coming back to life this May, but if you look closely, you can see a lot of activity now in trees/plants/flowers near you! Here's a lovely lilac bush that is showing spring buds/blooms now. Too bad they weren't in bloom now, Mom could have had some home grown flowers!

Cold and Windy MN Fishing Opener
Only the bravest/hardiest were out yesterday on MN lakes (that weren't still ice covered). Here's a picture from Sheena Nelson from a smaller lake near Buffalo, MN (prior to the wind becoming annoyingly wild). There were big white caps on most lakes/rivers by the afternoon with winds gusting up close to 40mph!

From Frost to 80s and 90s in a Matter of Days!
Folks across the Midwest will go from patchy frost and freeze conditions Sunday morning to 80s and 90s by Tuesday as a summer-like warm front blows into town. My hunch is that your neighbors and colleagues will be itching to say that it's too hot outside! Who will be the first one to mention it? I've got $20 on Paul Douglas... Just kidding! :)

Summer-like Tuesday!
A warm front will blow into town early this week with 80s and 90s not far behind. Take a look at highs in the middle part of the country by Tuesday. Get those shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops ready!

Precipitation Outlook
It appears that there aren't any waterlogged storm systems in the near future. Other than some heavier moisture in the extreme Northwest, Northeast and South, the middle part of the country looks mostly dry over the next few days.

Precipitation over the next week still looks a bit marginal through the middle part of the country. Keep in mind that with the warm-up expected, some of the moisture in the middle part of the country will be of the convective nature, meaning some thunderstorm potential!

Severe Thunderstorm Potential
Even though a little thunder is in the forecast, over the next several days it still appears that a majority of the thunder activity will stay under severe limits with an exception here or there.

U.S. Drought Outlook
This product comes from NOAA's Climate Prediction Center. It suggests that the west will continue drought conditions, while there appears to be some improvement in the middle part of the country.
"Latest Seasonal Assessment - The Drought Outlook for May 2 - July 31, 2013 is based primarily on short-, medium-, and long-range forecasts, initial conditions, and climatology. Several inches of rain fell in the past two weeks across portions of the Carolinas, Georgia, and parts of Florida eliminating some of the remaining areas of drought. Improvement is indicated for the continuing drought area in north-central Florida due to short-term rainfall and the approaching onset of the rainy season. Improvement is forecast across the upper Mississippi Valley and the lower Plains, due to frontal activity and/or the seasonal upswing in nocturnal thunderstorm activity. Limited drought improvement is anticipated over much of the High Plains. Drought is forecast to either develop or persist across the western contiguous U.S. as this region enters its dry season. Some improvement is expected for the drought area across northern Alaska, while areas of persistence and development of drought are anticipated for the Hawaiian Islands."

Thanks for checking in, have a great rest of your weekend and week ahead!
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