Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back to the 90s (Heat Advisory; first half of 2013 3rd wettest in recorded Minnesota history)

90s into Thursday.
70-degree dew points will make it feel like 95-100F this afternoon and Wednesday PM.
Heat Advisory posted for the Twin Cities metro.
Slight relief by Friday and Saturday.

3rd wettest January - June period in recorded history (119 years) for Minnesota. Wettest on record for Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois. Details below. Photo credit: Reuters.

July Sizzle

I have a hunch Minnesota's amazing constellation of lakes will look even better in the years ahead. You may laugh - but as temperatures warm and winters mellow (a bit) more Americans may consider a move to The Gopher State.

I often get asked what I would and would not do, with climate change in mind. Investing in desalination and battery storage technology is a no-brainer. And snowbirds might want to reconsider buying that retirement home on the ocean. Buy something 5 blocks inland... and be patient.

In today's weather blog (below) I include a story about NASA's Grace climate satellite. Data shows that Greenland & Antarctica are losing 300 billion tons of ice every year; water pouring into the world's oceans. Sea level rise may accelerate beyond what models are predicting. Pardon the bad pun, but we really are in uncharted waters.

Welcome to one of the hotter weeks of summer. Highs top 90F into Friday. Late week T-storms give way to some relief by Saturday; models hinting at 95-100F heat again next week.

Take it easy out there the next 48 hours. Mid-90s, coupled with a dew point near 70F, will make it feel like 100F later today & during Wednesday's Torchlight Parade.

Think cool thoughts.

TODAY: Hot sun. Winds: South 10. Dew point: 70. High: 92

TUESDAY NIGHT: Clear and warm. Low: 76

WEDNESDAY: Sunny. Feels like 100F by late afternoon. Dew point: 70. High: 95

THURSDAY: Hot & sticky, chance of T-storms. Wake-up: 75. High: 93

FRIDAY: Leftover T-shower early, slight relief with a dip in heat and humidity. Wake-up: 73. High: 88

SATURDAY: Nicer day of the weekend? Partly sunny, less humid. DP: 64. Wake-up: 67. High: 82

SUNDAY: Sunny stat, PM T-storms. Wake-up: 64. High: 84

MONDAY: Early storms, muggy PM sun. Wake-up: 67. High: near 90

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  1. I really appreciate the information on climate change and it's effects on our world. Paul, you are a "fountain of knowledge!" Thank you for these daily weather updates, too.