Sunday, September 26, 2010

Continued Late September Sunshine

Todd's Conservation MN Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota

Monday: Blue sky, lukewarm afternoon breeze - very nice! High: 69

Monday Night: Clear, not as chilly. Low: 50

Tuesday: Mostly sunny... nice late September day. High: 66

Wednesday: Warm sunshine - distractingly nice. High: 73

Thursday: On a roll - more sunshine. High:near 70

Friday: Not even close to being sick of the sunshine. High: 67

Saturday: Blue sky - nice way to kick off October. High: near 70

Sunday: Bright, blue sky. Give the first weekend of October a hand. High: near 70

Triple Rainbow
have you ever seen a triple rainbow? I've seen plenty of double rainbows, but never a triple. Daryl Pederson of Anchorage, Alaska caught this one on September, 20th. You can read more about it on here: 

How do the atmospheric optics work, read about it here:

Continued Late September Sunshine:
We are likely not to see many rainbows close to home over the next several days as a ridge of high pressure settles in over the western two-thirds of the nation. Good news for folks in southern Minnesota who had impressive and, in some spots, historical flooding last week. A week of sunshine and fairly mild temperatures should help the Minnesota flood situation quite a bit. Swollen creeks and rivers will begin to subside this week along with fears of additional late September flooding as sunshine rules to roost through the next full week. In fact, I don't see any substantial rainfall, anywhere, in the Upper Midwest through the first few days of October. Prost!

Tropical Threat to Florida Next Week?

Most of the nation look quiet through the next several days, but take a look at the storm that may be brewing down in the Gulf of Mexico. By the first full week of October, we may have a tropical storm on our hands that could cause some issues near Florida... something to watch.

Have a good Monday - Todd Nelson

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