Thursday, October 28, 2010

Morale Booster

Todd's Conservation Minnesota Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota:

Friday: Cold start. Plenty of sunshine, warming back up to "average". High: near 52

Friday Night: Partly cloudy, another chilly one. Low: 35

Saturday: Sunnier day of the weekend. Blue sky, cool breeze. High: 50

Halloween. Partly cloudy. More treat than tricking. High: 46

Trick OR Treating Weather: Dry and chilly, extra layer needed under the costume. Temps: Falling from the lower 40s into the upper 30s

Monday: A few clouds, near average temps. High: 49

November 2nd: Election Day. Partly cloudy, dry and quiet. High: 51

Wednesday: Lot's of sunshine, warming up. High: 53

Thursday: More sunshine. Extremely mild for early November... A few days away from deer hunting opener. High: upper 50s

A Quiet Weather Pattern Ahead
There's nothing special about the extended weather models. We should dry out, warm us and stay quiet through the next several days. No worries from the weather department, enjoy the respite from the crazy weather we just endured. See the interesting weather elements from the recent, record breaking, storm below: 

Storm of the Century

What a storm! 
My wife recently commented on the water in the toilet - "Why is the toilet water moving and why is it so low?"
The storm of the century was responsible for the lowest pressure ever recorded in the Continental U.S. by a non-tropical system... 955 millibars... that's equivalent to a category 2 or category 3 hurricane!

This storm caused near 28 foot waves on Lake Superior: (see more from the NWS in Duluth here)

This storm spawned tornadoes in the Ohio Valley: (see more from the NWS in Louisville, KY here)

This storm caused the 4th greatest October Storm snowfall at Duluth: (See more from the NWS in Duluth, MN here)

And Blizzard Warnings in the Dakotas... Up to 8.5" of snow which can be seen via satellite here:
See storm total snow reports here:

Looking Ahead
After 4 days of cloudy weather, it sure was nice to see the sun late yesterday, wasn't it? It was a definite morale booster!! The clearing skies came just in time to help aid in the coldest night of the season! Clear Skies... Light Winds... and Extremely Dry Air is the perfect recipe for radiational cooling... good thing we didn't have any snowpack or it would have been doubly cold Thursday Night/Friday Morning... none the less, we had a hard freeze Friday morning. The picture below is the scene after the strong +60mph wind gusts roared through St. Michael, MN - note the clear skies and the newly leaf-less trees... not sure I'm ready to endure 6 to 7 months of trees without leaves.

Halloween Forecast

The strong upper level winds show some spooky things this year... now sure what to make of it, but we have a Witch Watch and a Werewolf Warnings currently in effect for Sunday night - the full details are to come, stay tuned!
Trick or Treating??

Here's the forecast for the Halloween weekend - Thanks to Susie Martin for the frightening weather graphics!!

Quick Question... When do you have too many gadgets?
I'm not sure, but I think I have a serious problem... I think I'm addicted to gadgets! When is it too much? When do we become too obsessed with computers, cameras, Ipads, Iphones, etc.? When do we become too disconnected with the real world. When do we lose touch with our neighbors? Will my kids know what "Go play outside" means, or are they going to be busy with the WII, PS3 or WOW? Maybe I should go tinker with that 2 wheel device out in the garage, some people call a 'bicylcle' - geez - I hope I still know how to ride it!

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween Weekend - Todd Nelson

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