Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome to October

Todd's Conservation MN Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota:

Monday: Foggy start. Still feels like September. Unseasonably mild with clouds. Showers/T-storms and windy developing later. High: 64

Tuesday: Extremely windy, gusts to 40mph or 50mph. Heavier rain shoves north and east through the day, getting colder. High: 52

Wednesday: Blustery and raw with light rain and sprinkles (mixing with wet snow north). Winds gust to 35 mph. High: 43

Thursday: Feels like late October. Winds ease with clearing - first frost possible late Thursday night. High: 43

Friday: Few clouds, becoming breezy again by afternoon. High: 51

Saturday: Probably the nicer day of the weekend. Sun early, clouds increase late with light rain possible late. High: 56

Halloween: Fast moving weather pattern. Still a ways out, so it could change and probably will. Showers possible early, then clearing for trick or treating... it's eerily up in the air at this point - stay tuned! High: 54 (Trick or Treat temperatures falling through the 40s).

Welcome to October

Oh there you are October, welcome back! Of course, being a weather junkie, I don't mind this type of weather... it gives me something to talk about, to enjoy on a day to day basis. 'Normal' people may consider that a problem, something that needs to be addressed, but I can honestly and happily admit that weather is not only my job, but my hobby and passion.

We have enjoyed several weeks of unusually dry and mild fall weather. This weeks weather will definitely come as a surprise, but keep in mind, this is where we should be at this time of the year.

A very strong low pressure system will develop today and whip up some nasty winds through the next few days, especially Tuesday when wind gusts could near 60mph!

Rain, possibly thunder, will be scattered around the region tonight with enough cold air wrapping in on the back side of the storm Tuesday night and Wednesday to produce some snow showers and flurries across central and northern Minnesota. It might be worth a friendly call to unsuspecting hunters that may be 'roughing' it this week up north, they may thank you for the heads up.

The fast moving weather pattern will continue through the week, so the extended forecasts look a little frightening right now. Eerily, the Halloween forecast is up in the air at this point. Another, weaker, storm system looks to be rolling through the Upper Midwest this weekend, but timing is ridiculous to accurately forecast right now. Stay tuned through the week, hopefully we can pins something down. For now, my forecast includes a good chance of scattered ghosts and isolated goblins. Have a good Monday - Todd Nelson

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