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Impressive Snow Totals Coming in South and West of the I-94 Corridor

The narrow band of snowfall that set up just south and west of the immediate Metro, has been dropping impressive amounts of snow just south and west of the I-94 corridor. The morning commute was quite a bit more disgusting on the southwest side of town where snow was falling. In fact, snow amounts exceeding 6" west of town was enough to delay school openings by 2 hours. Commuters on the north and east side of town, thankfully, had a much nicer ride in. If the snow band would have pushed 25 miles farther east, we would have had some major issues today! There may be more accumulating snow on the way for early next week... Perhaps, just in time for an outdoor NFL football game at the TCF Bank Stadium?? Stay tuned.

Snow Reports From Earlier Today



 INCHES  LOCATION                 ST  COUNTY           TIME
 ------  -----------------------  --  --------------   -------
  7.80   DONNELLY                 MN  STEVENS          0822 AM
  7.80   DONNELLY                 MN  STEVENS          0820 AM
  7.60   MURDOCK                  MN  SWIFT            0658 AM
  6.50   LITCHFIELD               MN  MEEKER           0610 AM
  5.50   WACONIA                  MN  CARVER           0805 AM
                 OF NEW SNOW...0.21 INCHES.
  5.50   BELGRADE                 MN  STEARNS          0730 AM
  5.00   MADISON                  MN  LAC QUI PARLE    0746 AM
  5.00   BROWNTON                 MN  MCLEOD           0733 AM
  5.00   NORTH MANKATO            MN  NICOLLET         0610 AM
  5.00   RENVILLE                 MN  RENVILLE         0610 AM
  4.50   LESTER PRAIRIE           MN  MCLEOD           0655 AM
  4.50   ELLENDALE                MN  STEELE           0637 AM
  4.00   MANKATO                  MN  BLUE EARTH       0727 AM
  4.00   MORGAN                   MN  REDWOOD          0724 AM
                 WATER EQUIVALENT 0.28 INCHES.
  4.00   W OWATONNA               MN  STEELE           0640 AM
  4.00   WINTHROP                 MN  SIBLEY           0530 AM
  4.00   KANDIYOHI                MN  KANDIYOHI        0346 AM
  3.00   GAYLORD                  MN  SIBLEY           0346 AM
  3.00   BENSON                   MN  SWIFT            0320 AM
  3.00   ST JAMES                 MN  WATONWAN         0320 AM
  3.00   SPRINGFIELD              MN  BROWN            0320 AM
  3.00   REDWOOD FALLS            MN  REDWOOD          0320 AM
  2.50   PRIOR LAKE               MN  SCOTT            0729 AM
                 0.1 OF AN INCH OF LIQUID.
  2.50   1 SE NORTHFIELD          MN  RICE             0722 AM
                 COCORAHS OBSERVER.
  2.50   CREDIT RIVER             MN  SCOTT            0658 AM
  2.00   CARLOS                   MN  DOUGLAS          0755 AM
  2.00   BROOTEN                  MN  STEARNS          0320 AM
  1.30   CHANHASSEN               MN  CARVER           0621 AM
                 NWS FORECAST OFFICE.
  0.50   BLOOMINGTON              MN  HENNEPIN         0602 AM
  0.50   KIMBALL                  MN  STEARNS          0602 AM

Todd's Conservation MN Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota

THURSDAY: Snow tapers, snow totals of 2-4" south and west of the metro (totals from Wednesday thru AM Thursday). Northeast of town, there may only be total accumulations of a dusting. High: 19
THURSDAY NIGHT: Clouds clear out a bit, turning colder. Low: 5

FRIDAY: Mix of clouds and sun - better travel. High: 14

SATURDAY: Turning colder. Light snow arrives late. High: 9

SUNDAY: Maybe a few flakes early. Clouds break a bit by afternoon, still cold. High: 11

MONDAY: Clouds thicken, growing potential of some light snow accumulations. High: 17
TUESDAY: Last day of fall! Didn't winter start a long time ago? Partly sunny, below normal temps. High: 14

WEDNESDAY: Winter Solstice arrives at 5:38pm. It's officially winter!! Maybe a little light snow, christening the occasion. High: Low 20s

Ice Road
Fellow weather enthusiast and amazing photographer, Bill Doms, caught this not too long ago! A large, whitetail buck testing out the ice on, what seems, to be a very cold dawn/dusk... It's going to be a long winter for the animals and critters too! You can check out Bill's webpage HERE:

When was the last time you can remember not being able to see over the snowbank in December? Yeesh! What a month and we're only, officially, halfway through. The big snowstorm over the weekend brought the running monthly total snowfall to 24.2" which is good enough for the 5th snowiest December on record since records have been kept, which date back to the late 1800s. The last time we had a December similar to this was back in 2000 when a monthly total of 30.2" was observed, putting that year in the 2nd snowiest month on record behind 1969 when 33.2" of snow was observed.

Large snow amounts can partly be blamed on our ridiculously cold temperatures as of late, which are running nearly 9 degrees below seasonal norms. The colder the temperatures are, the fluffier the snow gets. Last weekends storm, for example, had a snow to water ratio of around 15 to 1, meaning that for every 1" of water, there was 15" of snow. We ended up with 1.21" of liquid from the storm. You can do the math or follow the flow chart below. It might be a little hard to see, so here's the link to the chart.

We're a little less than one week away from Winter Solstice, which rings in on December 22nd at 5:38pm, but it's safe to say winter is already here. A little light snow ends early Thursday and the cold returns by the weekend. Hang in there - think warm thoughts!

Growing Chance of Light Snow Accumulations Late Weekend/Early Next Week

A persistent little blob of moisture keeps showing up on the extended model runs around Sunday/Monday... There's a growing potential of maybe a little light snow accumulations then.

 Looking Over the River and Through the Wood - Xmas Storm Developing?

Let's take a quick look at next week's weather, keep an eye on the situation, since many may be traveling. The highly laughable extended weather models are still picking up on a little somethin' somethin' - the probability of getting a little snow a few days leading up to Xmas is now at 10% - however, the probability of a white Xmas is at 100%

Have a good Thursday - Todd Nelson

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