Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Active Sun and Much Needed Rain

Todd's Conservation MN Outlook for the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota:

WEDNESDAY: Shower or thunderstorm possible early, then clearing late. High: 64. Winds: WNW 10-15mph
WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Clouds thicken, chance of showers overnight. Low: 42

THURSDAY: Scattered rain showers, mainly across the southern half of Minnesota. Rain showers could perhaps mix with a little light snow late. High: 51. Low: 35

FRIDAY: Soggy start, clearing skies and brisk! High: near 54. Low: 35

SATURDAY: Fading PM sun, late day shower possible north. High: 56. Low: 40

SUNDAY: A little more sun, lingering spotty shower early. High: 62. Low: 43

MONDAY: Sunny. Warmer south wind. High: 67. Low: 47
TUESDAY: Warmer, unsettled. High: 72. Low: 50

Solar Mega-Prom by Jim Lafferty
"Monday's prominence after the flare event on the suns eastern limb this morning was was one of the largest in years---short lived, it was mostly gone in a few hours. Imaged with a Lunt 100 Ha telescope and DMK 41 camera. A wonderful sight in the eyepiece and in the camera! "

Beautiful Planet Earth
This is quickly becoming one of my new favorite "Likes" on Facebook. They have have shared some amazing pictures from around our "Beautiful Planet Earth"

Northeast Minnesota Snow Swath
Heavy snow across Northeast Minnesota on Sunday Night/Monday Morning shows up on visible satellite! Some spots got close to 12"!

Warmest March on Record
"U.S. records warmest March; more than 15,000 warm temperature records broken
First quarter of 2012 also warmest on record; early March tornado outbreak is year’s first “billion dollar disaster”
Record and near-record breaking temperatures dominated the eastern two-thirds of the nation and contributed to the warmest March on record for the contiguous United States, a record that dates back to 1895. More than 15,000 warm temperature records were broken during the month.
The average temperature of 51.1°F was 8.6 degrees above the 20th century average for March and 0.5°F warmer than the previous warmest March in 1910. Of the more than 1,400 months (117+ years) that have passed since the U.S. climate record began, only one month, January 2006, has seen a larger departure from its average temperature than March 2012."

Discovery's Last Flight
Yesterday was a bittersweet day for many. It was an incredible sight watching Space Shuttle Discovery piggyback a ride on a jumbo jet to Dulles Airport. The resting spot will be the Smithsonian! The picture below comes from NASA's Kennedy Space Center
Thanks to the Baltimore/Washington NWS for sharing this picture on their Facebook page
"A private citizen from DC sent a close up view of Discovery as she flew over DC "

"It's the word we've heard most often about the space shuttle Discovery's final flight, from astronauts and iReporters alike. When the shuttle touched down at Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, it marked the end of an era. Discovery flew atop a specially modified 747 from Kennedy Space Center in Florida to its new home: the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia. The shuttle flew its last mission in 2011, and the move marks the its transition from explorer to educator." 

VIDEO - Discovery Takes Off from Florida

VIDEO - Discovery Arrival at Dulles

 Tornado Debris
Thanks to the Wichita NWS Facebook page for this picture/info. Not uncommon to find debris miles away from its origin with a strong tornado.
"The sign originated 3 miles SSE of Kanopolis Lake and was recovered at the Salina Municipal golf course after it was picked up by the tornado. It traveled a distance of around 27 miles! "

Minnesota Drought
The U.S. Drought Monitor still has parts of Minnesota under a SEVERE DROUGHT (it hasn't changed much in the last 3 months).
Precipitation Needed to End Drought
This is how much rain is needed to end the drought across the region.
Precipitation Forecast
The HPC 3 day precipitation forecast (thru 7pm Friday) shows some of the heaviest nationwide precipitation across southeastern Minnesota, through central Wisconsin and into lower Michigan.

Texas Tornado
"This photo was sent to us from Kleberg County and shows a tornado on the ground east of Riviera. The picture was taken shortly before 9am Monday"
 Tornado Damage Near Portland, TX
These are impressive photos! Notice the 2x4's impaled into the side of the house. The bottom picture shows a 2x4 through brick!

Heat Takes It's Toll on Boston Marathon Runners
In all:
—26,716 people registered.
—22,853 picked up their running bibs over the weekend.
—22,535 people started the race.
—21,603 finished before the clocks were turned off at 6 p.m.
That means 932 runners dropped out along the course, about 4 percent.

Emperor Penguins From Space
From the bottom of the Earth, a satellite snapped a shot of Emperor Penguins... Scientists counted each one and it turns out that their population has doubled!

A Big Oops!
"TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) - There's a new mystery on the University of Alabama campus: Which player's father broke the Crimson Tide's latest BCS championship trophy?"

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